Heather captured my pregnancy and new baby girl with the modern edge that I was looking for. Heather was super fun to work with and made my family feel comfortable during the shoot. I adore my memories created by Heather’s photography!
Liz M.

We had a blast taking our maternity photos with Heather! She was fun, energized and very eager to please us. She was professional and took the time to make sure we got great shots. Even though she was taking the photos, she made sure to include our thoughts and opinions on shots and poses. We are extremely happy with the result!
Deborah C.

What a wonderful experiance! She is a very talented artest!! I had the pleasure of witnessing a photo shoot at Viva la Cupcake and was amazed at how wonderful she handled everything. Everything, from the photo shoot to the photos were outstanding! Love seeing them displayed inside Viva la Cupcake!!!
Michael A.

My first experience with Zaida Photography was just this month. Before then, my experiences with family and child portraits were those filled with stress and frustration. Then I met Heather.

Our family couldn’t have asked for more patience and flexibility. We had a two-part session, including another intact family — wrangling 2 kids, let alone 7 people inlcuding an infant, should be nerve-wracking, but not this time! In fact, this is the MOST pleasant portrait session we’ve had in years (no lie!). We felt very comfortable and relaxed.

MOST importantly, our pictures are beautiful. Holiday shopping this year will come quite easy — pictures for everyone!
Shannon M.

Heather is awesome! Zaida Photography photographed my two children and the photos were beautiful. I would recommend her to anyone! She is professional, had some awesome ideas for photographs and I plan to use her in the future for more photos of my children as well as a family portrait. Her prices were affordable and she was great to work with!
Heather T.

I would absolutely recommend Heather for family pictures! She is extremely creative, which helps when trying to wrangle in 2 young boys for a family photo. Her keen eye and ability to think “outside the box” has provided us with the best photos. Before Heather, we tried chain photo companies -which was rushed & we ended up with the exact same photo you see in everyone else’s home….boring! I can’t say enough good things about her. You will be very happy with the service & the product.
Stepahnie W.

I have had the pleasure of utilizing Zaida photography for the last two years. She has documented my entire pregnancy and the first year of life for my 14 month old daughter. Heather is a pleasure to work with, she is flexible and creative in putting together a photo shoot. She loves ensuring that the quality of work she produces meets the needs of her clients. Heather is open to all ideas and suggestions and isn’t afraid to try something new. She has a keen eye for capturing special moments that keep you coming back for more!
Christina R.


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