Day 1: IFBC

With little time to spare before the International Food Blogging Conference (IFBC) kicks off, I hit the streets.  Seattle, oh how I love you?  The vibe of this impressive metropolis is posh grunge meets crunchy business man.  First stop, Pike Place Market.  As a die hard foodie and avid photographer, this market was orgasmic.  If you heard my squeals with every turn I made, you would have thought I was “cra cra” read crazy.  The vibrant sun (yes, sun), the hustling workers trying to dodge photographers to sling fish and hand out samples, the buckets and buckets of exquisite flowers, the eclectic street vendors, all made me begin my plot to relocate to Seattle.

It’s now time to get ready for IFBC’s welcome party with speaker Morgan Spurlock, Academy Award Nominee for his documentary Super Size Me.  I admit, I was slightly nervous.  Thank you drink gods for lovely WA wines and POM Cosmos, the butterflies have landed and this virgin IFBC attendee is sampling and mingling with the best of them.  I still salivate when the lamb lollipops or the unique cheese pairings run through my mind.  Hell, I could barely type that sentence without reaching for a napkin.

The welcome party comes to an end and the after party, hosted by Urbanspoon begins.  I am now feeling loosey goosey and really ready to partay!  I meet Kristin and we are chatting it up, when Penny De Los Santos walks by.  Another squealing moment ensues as I express to Kristin, “I love her work, I so want to meet her”.  She says “do it”.  I say, “No”.  We go back and forth.  I am feeling slightly stalkerish however I introduce myself anyway.  Thanks Kristin for the push and thanks Penny for being so damn cool.   

Before I call it a night, I meet Melissa, who became my IFBC partner in crime and hand model.  Now, it’s time to hydrate, dig through the generous goody bag I received earlier and go night night.  Day 1, success! 

POM Cosmo / IFBC Liquid Courage
Recipe provided by POM

1 1/3 oz POM Wonderful 100% Pomegranate Juice
1 3/4 oz Vodka
1/3 oz Cointreau
1/3 oz Fresh lime juice
Twist of lime

  1. Pour ingredients into a shaker filled with ice.
  2. Shake sharply and strain into glass.
  3. Garnish with a twist of lime (optional).

Enjoy!  Stay tuned, as I share more IFBC experiences, photos and event recipes with you.

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Pike Place Market

Pike Place Market

Space Needle

View From West Seattle